how kiss-me-bottles were born

It all began when I was looking for a present I could give to a close friend. I wanted it to be something personal and handmade. An item that she could keep, take with her on her travels, and that would remind her that she is loved. But also I wanted it to be more than just adding weight to her backpack. Something practical that serves a purpose, while having an emotional value as well.

Eventually two thoughts ran into each other in my head. First: she always carries a little water bottle with her. Second: in our last conversation she casually mentioned, that she doesn't feel kissed enough. Kissing. A bottle. Why not making a water bottle that could make you feel kissed as well?

I had never planned on making more than the one for my friend, but suddenly I noticed that people really liked the bottle and wanted one for themselves. Apparently we weren’t the only ones in need of feeling kissed more often, so I started designing more characters and painting more Kiss-Me-Bottles.

The bottles are perfect as a present for someone going away to travel or just someone you would like to make feel kissed more often.

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